Endiyag laser surgery machine

Laser surgery machine using Nd:YAG as a medium for incision, destruction, removal, etc. of tissue;

Color laser surgery

Laser surgery machines using solid pigment as a medium for the purpose of incision, destruction, or removal of tissue;

High peak power

High Peak Power

Convenient maintenance and repair

Easy maintenance

Output stable

Application of inverse calibration technology (PFC)

300 picoseconds, 2.0 G.Ws
The best effect with energy

It's a proven technology

PICO-K created by optical experts

The perfect performance of PICO-K completed with nine patented technologies

Patent holding status

Medical laser thermal lens effect control system

Patent number: 10-2333260
Using mechanical switches and microcontrollers, techniques to control thermal lens phenomena to maintain stable output energy and beam size

A single-chamber laser launch device

Patent number: 10-165288
The existing Q-switch laser has two chambers
This invention uses one chamber
We have developed a technology that is more than 10% more efficient than two chambers and can reduce the production cost

Summer lens to minimize the fact

Patent technology application

The depth of focus changes due to the expansion of the lens due to overheating Thermal Lens Effect

"What if the Thermal Lens Effect effect occurs?"

Smaller beam sizes and unsteadily overcrowded energy can lead to medical accidents, and can shorten the output of equipment and the life of parts.

Overcrowded laser energy
Side effects on the skin surface


Summer lens effect applied to PICO-K
(Hold two of the nine patents)

Korea's first 300PS real-name system

"The equipment I use, is it really 300 pico?"

By operating a 300PS real-name system, we have sent all of our customers our QC data (PULSE DURATION)
We provide it transparently.

It's performance decisions

Output stability.

Output stability completes pico's performance.

PFC (Power Factor Correction) is applied to maintain output stability.

Application of power supply with patent technology.

Implementation of output stability

[POWER SUPPLY applied to PICO-K]

PFC(Power Factor Correction)

Optical lasers vulnerable to external shocks


PICO-K with Swiss Railway Alliance Denature Prevention Technology

Optical products are vulnerable to external shocks

Internal alignment variations during transport or use
It has a big impact on equipment output and beam quality

ㆍDevelopment and application of anti-deformation solution through air/sea transportation test;

ㆍ Enhancing durability by using Swiss railway parts

Key to optical technology


Matching process of core components through self-development is essential

Development and production through pure in-house technology
It reduces the mismatch and enables the best performance

Simmer Stabilization

Maintain output stability by selecting the same beam at all frequencies (1-10Hz)

During laser examination, the highest quality beam is selected and outputted at a interval of one second. (1/2/3/4/5/8/9/10 Hz applied)

Collegue MLA handpiece ​

Up to 220 laser energies deep!

When a powerful pico laser is irradiated on the skin layer, a momentary hollowing out occurs inside the skin

Stimulation of fibrous cells (fibroblast) in the dermis layer without injury to the epidermis

Supergausian mode of PICO-K which is closest to TOP-HAT mode

The MLA beam of 100μm, 31.84 J/Cm2 produces the best L.I.O.B effect.



220 beams are delivered equally without energy loss

Max 31.84 J/cm²

Larger Output value


Transmitting without loss to the skin surface with a small beam width

Confirming penetration depth through acrylic test


* Phantom is a protein tissue similar to actual skin tissue.

Variety of Hand Pieces

It has a variety of beam sizes and energy depth adjustments
Effective treatment of problematic skin with various handpieces

Main Interface

An intuitive interface that makes it more convenient

Anyone can handle PICO-K devices without difficulty with an easy-to-use interface.


Pico-K which provides powerful performance

Specs PICO-K
1064nm / 532nm
Beam mode
Top hat
Pulse duration 1064nm/532nm
300ps / 300ps
Pulse enertgy(Max.)
600mJ / 300mJ
Repetition rate
1 - 10Hz
Peak power
. Zoom H/P : 2 - 10mm
. Collimation H/P : 8mm
. Zoom MLA : 4 - 12mm
. 585nm : 3mm
. 650nm : 3mm
Delivery system
Articulated arm
Power supply consumption
180-260VAC, PFC 2kVA, 50/60Hz
370mm(W) x 838mm(L) x 875mm(H)

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