Medical service

Medical equipment service

Medical service

Medical Device Consignment Development Service

We will commercialize your idea according to the medical device standard.

Based on ultrasonic, high frequency, and electrical stimulation technologies owned by Huemedical, we will carry out customized consignment development with excellent partners.
We develop products by utilizing technologies such as ultrasonic waves, high frequency, and low frequency possessed by an electronic medical device laboratory.
Also, secure intellectual property rights with the associated patent law firm.

We develop innovative products with excellent medical technology.

Medical service

Medical device consignment production service

Reliable products are produced with high quality strictly in line with manufacturing quality standards.

Huemedical promises the best medical device production quality and provides medical device production facilities. It also provides matching services with production facilities specializing in medical devices.e

Acquisition of various certificates

ISO 13485:2016 

ISO 9001:2015 

ISO 14001:2015 

ISO 13485:2016 

Medical service

Consignment sales of medical devices

We suggest marketing and sales direction of your innovative product with excellent consignment sales network.

We promise active sales and follow-up management through Medical’s domestic distribution network.
Medical device production support, medical device approval support, global distribution network support, follow-up support after marketing

Domestic/overseas specialized partner distribution

Cooperation with domestic distributors

Overseas sales force

Medical Equipment

Dermatological medical devices ( pico laser , HIFU, etc.)

Medical devices for cancer treatment ( high frequency cancer treatment device, etc. )

Medical equipment for physical therapy ( low frequency , high frequency , interference wave , etc. )

Other medical devices ( thermal imaging camera-based bio-signal measurement system, etc. )

Home healthcare equipment

Beauty products ( HIFU for home care, ultrasound for home care , electronic medicine for depression , etc. )

Healthcare products ( camera-based temperature / pulse / body temperature / respiratory rate / stress measurement systems, etc. )

Medical service

Licensing and clinical trial services

"We provide the best consulting services at reasonable prices with licensing experts and excellent partners."

Huemedical promises domestic and international licensing and clinical trial services at reasonable prices through professional manpower and excellent partners.

Many companies have already carried out licensing/quality system/clinical trials with Medical. We suggest a systematic and responsible collaboration in Medical to commercialize your company.



Company view

Possession of medical device specialized technology research center

Production facilities

Holding production facilities specializing in medical devices

“We will work together for your better tomorrow”


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